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The Most Common Questions about Collision Repairs

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What does it mean that you’re not a DRP shop?

Great question. Many years ago, Direct Repair Programs (DRPs) became prevalent in the collision industry, in which insurance companies enter into agreements with body shops and collision centers nationwide. The purpose for the insurance companies doing this is to build preferred relationships with body shops or collision centers in order to bring them repair work. And in return, the body shops give preferred rates and other concessions to the insurance companies get their customers better, less expensive repairs. In a perfect world it works, but in many cases, it can go wrong and that’s why some states (like New Hampshire) don’t allow DRPs.

At D & K Collision Repair, we’re not involved in ANY DRPs and the majority of our work comes from direct referrals from local car dealerships that value and respect our work. How does that benefit you—the customer, in the end? Well, simply stated, we’ve never entered into any agreements with any insurance companies, so when we fix your car only two parties are really involved—You and Us. That way, we can focus on returning your car back to its pre-accident condition without your insurance company looking over our shoulder.

The insurance company/body shop/customer dynamic is also called the “Body Shop’s Bermuda Triangle,” because in some cases, each party has a different agenda. But, by never entering into any DRPs, D & K Collision Repair is able to work for the customer—and not for the insurance company. We’ve eliminated the third party and that way we’re 100% accountable and every repair is of the highest quality available in the world today.


Do you warranty your repairs?

Of course! At D & K Collision Repair, we always offer a lifetime warranty on all repairs for as long as you own the vehicle. You will receive a written copy of your warranty when you sign off upon the completion of your repair. We always back our work 100% and stand by it every step of the way. If you ever have any questions at any stage during the repair and after its completion, contact us and we’ll gladly placate your concerns. We want you to be a long-time customer, and that’s why we exceed everyone’s expectations on each and every repair.

D & K Collision Repair has been in business since 2007 and much of our work is from return customers, their families, friends and neighbors. We now do work for second and third-generation customers, because our mantra is simple—we’re not about making money first and concentrating on quality second. Quality is prominent, because we know that by doing the best repairs in the collision industry; everything else will fall nicely into place.


My insurance company wants me to go to their body shop, but can I have my car repaired by you instead?

Yes! You can have your car repaired at the body shop of your choice, because it’s a free country and it’s your right. Your insurance company also has the right to suggest a body shop, but remember—they’re doing so because they have a business relationship with them and want to save money on the repair. Getting your vehicle into one of their DRP shops is a major priority for them.

Some insurance companies will try to direct you to one of their preferred repairers, while several unscrupulous insurers may outright lie to you. It’s called “steering” and it is unethical and illegal and you should never fall prey to these tactics. It’s okay for your insurance company to suggest or refer, but if they direct you to any body shop, that’s dirty pool and unacceptable.

At D & K Collision Repair, we will never charge more than the insurance company’s estimate unless you've agreed to additional repairs. We use Original Equipment (O.E.) parts and always use manufacturers’ recommended repair techniques while repairing every car. To this end, we covet the best training in the nation; use the finest cutting-edge equipment and products available in the collision industry today, including aluminum repairs. We also provide a fulfilling and safe working environment for all of our employees. In addition, D & K Collision Repair is proud to be a green shop, by recycling our waste and using waterborne environmentally friendly paint.


Can you arrange for a car rental?

Yes, D & K Collision Repair can make all your rental car arrangements and ensure that the process will be seamless and convenient. We have an ongoing relationship with Enterprise, but you can use any rental car company you prefer.


Can you tow my car?

Yes, D & K Collision Repair can arrange to have your car towed to our shop anywhere in Marin County.


When I drop my car off can I get a ride home?

Yes, we will drive you home, work, school or even to the mall, if desired.


What should I do to prepare my vehicle before dropping it off at your shop?

If the insurance company has already written an estimate, please bring it. The insurance estimate is a blueprint to get repairs started.

If the insurance company has not written an estimate, please bring your policy or claim number and any contact information you have.

Please remove any valuables and things that may get in the way of the repair, including lap tops, CDs, money, parking passes, sunglasses, garage door openers, car seats, toys and any other items that you may have stored in your trunk.

Please bring in any alarm control for your car. Please bring the wheel lock key if you have locks on your vehicle’s wheels.


Are you a green business?

Yes, we are and proud of it. We embraced waterborne paint before any other shop in Marin County, because we know it’s better for our employees and better for the planet.

We also recycle everything we can, including water coolants, oil, filters, batteries, paper, tape and any other associated fluids. We also detail cars without using water, because California is in a drought that could likely last for years. 

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